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Math 10550 Help

Help is available from many sources. In general you should seek help when you do not understand a concept or have difficulty completing your homework or old exam questions. You can drop in to discuss such problems, in your instructor's office hours or the Math Help Room (your tutor's office hours will be through the math help room).

In the event that your grades are not at your desired level, it is strongly recommended that you get help on a weekly basis.

Office Hours:

Ilija Marchenka
Felix Janda
Nicholas Edelen
Kathryn Mulholland
Annette Pilkington
232 Hayes-Healy



Math Help Room

Have some question about your Calculus or Linear Algebra course?  Come join us in 153  Hurley Hall  (between LaFun and South Quad).  This help room is suitable for students in our multi section courses mainly Calculus courses but also Finite Math and the Engineering Linear Algebra (Math 10120, 10250, 10350, 10360, 10550, 10560, 20550, 20580).  There will be graduate student TAs and upperclassman there to help!  We are open:

Note: Help Room opens on August 23rd  and closes on the Last Day of Classes, December 8th.  The Help Room will also be closed during Fall Break and Thanksgiving Break.


Learning Resource Center

The learning Resource center has tutoring sessions, collaborative learning sessions and help sessions available for Math 10550 students.