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Section 01

Instructor: Nicholas Salter
Office: 277 Hurley
Telephone: 574-631-2741
e-mail address: nsalter@nd.edu
Office hours:TBA

Section 02

Instructor:Natasha Dobrinen
Office: 272 Hurley
Telephone: 631-7586
e-mail address: ndobrine@nd.edu
Office hours: TBA

Section 03

Instructor: Annette Pilkington
Office: 232 Hayes-Healy
Telephone: 574-631-3369
e-mail address: Pilkington.4@nd.edu
Office hours: TBA



Tutor (Math 12560)

Sections 11 and 21

Tutor: Katherine Ellman Aspnes
Office: 235 Hayes-Healy
Telephone: 631-3221
e-mail address: kellmana@nd.edu
Office hours See Math Help Room Schedule


Sections 12 and 22

Tutor: Karim Boustany
Office: B20 Hayes-Healy
Telephone: 631-9603
e-mail address: kboustan@nd.edu
Office hours: See Math Help Room Schedule

Section 31

Tutor: Bridget Schreiner
Office: 253B Hayes-Healy
Telephone: 631-5459
e-mail address: bschrein@nd.edu
Office hours: See Math Help Room Schedule