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Coaching Program

This program is designed to help students address their difficulties with the help of mentors from upper level classes and their peers.

If your grade is less than the cut-off for a C on any exam during the semester, you will be advised to join the Coaching program. Acoording to statistics, students in this category can improve their grade substabtially by attending tutoring or coaching sessions on a regular basis.

Students work together in small groups who work through their exams and old exam questions under the guidance of a coach, who gives advice based on the needs of the individuals in the group.

Advice given to a student may include directions on how to

strengthen their background,

summarize lecture content,

reflect on exam mistakes,

prepare for exams,

improve study habits.


The groups will meet in the Mathematics Library

which is located downstairs in Hayes Healy

on Sundays.

Starts after Exam 1

Time: Sunday 6-7 p.m. OR Sunday 7-8 p.m.