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Who I Am

Briefly, I am a Catholic philosopher, married to Marie (née Warrington) since August 1970.  Except for three years in Vorarlberg, Austria, while I was studying for my doctorate, and six months in Krakow, Poland, while I was on a Fulbright, Marie and I have lived our entire married life in South Bend, Indiana. We have four adult children, Joe, Teresa (Stringham-Reimers), Peter, and George, and three grandchildren, Maggie and Bernadette, daughters of Teresa and her husband Bob, and Matilda (“Tillie”), daughter of George and his wife Kenya.


For my academic background, appointments, and writings, you may check out my Curriculum Vitae.

My books

The Truth About the Good: Moral Norms in the Thought of John Paul II (Sapientia Press, 2011)

The Soul of the Person: A Contemporary Philosophical Anthropology (CUA Press, 2006)

An Analysis of the Concepts of Self-Fulfillment and Self-Realization in the Thought of Karol Wojtyła, Pope John Paul II (Mellen Press 2001)

The Best unknown quote by a writer you probably never heard of

“Marriage is the grand holiday of our human nature, and, if the rest of the path-way of life is too often involved in horrors or in shades, this is the white spot, the little gleam of sunshine, which compensates for a thousand other hardships and calamites.”

C. William Godwin� (1756�1836)

�Of� Population: An Enquiry Concerning The Power Of Increase In Numbers Of Mankind, Being An Answer To Mr. Malthus�s Essay On That Subject�, London 1820

Excellent unknown quote from an opera you probably have heard of

“Ihr hoher Zweck zeigt deutlich an, nichts edler sei als Weib und Mann.
Mann und Weib, und Weib und Mann, reichen an die Gottheit an.“

From Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, The Magic Flute

Essays On Academic Freedom

Here are some short articles that I published in the Irish Rover On Truth And Freedom, The Catholic Character of the university, and John Paul II as a Champion Of Freedom.


Whimsical Wisdom

Some other things I have written

Essays for the Newspaper

A Primer On Logic (PowerPoint)

A Nice Photo

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: KUL (Lublin, PL - 22 X 2008) 1

At the Catholic University of Lublin in Poland. Marie and I were invited to lay a bouquet at the base of the statue of Pope John Paul II embracing Cardinal StefanWyszyński to open the symposium honoring the 30th anniversary of Karol Wojtyla�s election to the papacy. Gesturing toward the statue is our friend Fr. Alfred Wierzbicki, a Professor at that university. The photo was taken 22 October 2008.