ASA is a student organization dedicated to educating and celebrating with the Notre Dame community Africa’s rich cultures. Additionally, the club seeks to establish a home away from home where Africans and those interested in learning more about Africa can come together and share their love for the continent. Africa has so much to offer, we hope that this club allows you the opportunity to experience the a wealth of knowledge otherwise masked by clichéd depictions of the negative impacts of war, malnutrition, poverty and disease. We welcome you to join in and learn as well as share your passions. All are welcome!


Our goal is to promote all aspects of African culture through informational meetings and activities in hopes of bringing light to the sadly dark overview of Africa and its future. We recognize the problems being faced by the continent but hope not to let this reality overpower the many advancements in education, entertainment, government, and athletics...among many things. We hope to better educate club members in hopes that they in turn can educate those around them.