Ashley P. Thrall

Myron and Rosemary Noble Associate Professor

of Structural Engineering

University of Notre Dame
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
and Earth Sciences
Ashley P. Thrall



CE 20150 - Statics (Fall 2013, Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2017)


Evan GerboCE 20150 Statics is a required undergraduate course (~60 sophomore students) on systems of forces/couples, vector mechanics, equilibrium or rigd bodies, internal forces of trusses/beams, friction, and virtual work. To bring concepts to life, motivate students, and interface with industry, Dr. Thrall arranges for a yearly field trip to Chicago (pictured at left).




CE 40285/60285 - Bridge Engineering (Fall 2012, Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Spring 2016, Spring 2017, Spring 2018)


Evan GerboCE 40285/60285 Bridge Engineering is a combined graduate and undergraduate elective course which focuses on behavior, analysis, and design of bridges. The course highlights standard forms for highway and long-span bridges, including girder, arch, suspension, and cable-stay bridges. Fundamental techniques for analysis and design is emphasized and current design code is introduced. A yearly field trip (pictured at left) enables students to interface with industry and understand bridges from new perspectives.


CE 40280 - Structural Steel Design (Spring 2012)

Evan GerboCE 40280 Structural Steel Design is a required undergraduate course that focuses on the design of structural steel members using fundamentals of mechanics and principles of steel behavior. The course integrates current codes/standards and commercial software into semester-long project. Field trips (pictured at left) emphasize steel erection.




BRIDGES (Building Relationships to Inspire and Drive Girls to pursue Engineering and Science)


Evan GerboAs part of her NSF CAREER award, Dr. Thrall has partnered with Riley High School to devleop and implement a new program aimed at increasing the participation and retention of women in the engineering magnet program. BRIDGES is a before-school enrichment program for women enrolled in the magnet program in grades 9-12. Meetings include seminars by Notre Dame faculty, hands-on activities and experiments, and a field trip (pictured at left). It is led by Dr. Thrall and her undergraduate and graduate students. The program began in September 2014 and is ongoing.


Expanding Your Horizons Career Conference for Middle School Girls


Evan GerboSince 2013, Dr. Thrall and her undergraduate and graduate students have led a yearly workshop for the Expanding Your Horizons Career Conference for Middle School Girls. They conduct an interactive workshop entitled "Bridges over Troubled Waters" which introduces middle school girls to bridge engineering (picutred at left).


ASCE/SEI Steel Bridge Competition


Evan Gerbo

Since 2012, Dr. Thrall has served as Co-Advisor to the ASCE/AISC Steel Bridge Competition Team. The team of undergraduate students meets weekly to discuss design, analysis, and construction of a year-long steel bridge project. The team builds and loads their bridge at the yearly ASCE Great Lakes Student Competition.