Math 40750 - Partial Differential Equations, Spring Semester 2009

Textbook: "Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction" by Walter A Strauss, 2008, John Wiley & Sons, Inc, ISBN 978-0470-05456-7. You may use the older version (1992) of the book, but then you will be responsible for getting the homework problems right.

Syllabus: We will cover selected materials from Chapters 1 through 13.


  • Calculus of Variation by Barbara Wendelberger, Logan Zoellner, Matthew Lucia.
  • Laplace Transform by Melissa Meagher, Meagan Pitluck, Nathan Cutler, Matt Abernethy, Thomas Noel, Scott Drotar.
  • Numerical Scheme by Marisa Villano, Tom Fagan, Dave Fairburn, Chris Savino , David Goldberg, Daniel Rave.

    Class (MWF) Instructor Email Office
    12:50 pm -1:40pm, HAYE 117 Bei Hu HURL 255 (M-F, 8 am - 12noon, 1pm - 5 pm), HAYE 146(occasionally)

    Office Hours: You are welcome to stop by my office at any time. However, I may have other duties as the Department Chair and may not always be available. The office (HURL 255) is open only during regular hours (M-F, 8am - 12noon, 1pm - 5pm). You can always make an appointment with me by email ( or phone (1-7083 M-F, 8am - 12noon, 1pm - 5pm).

    I will be in my regular office (HAYE 146) every Tuesdays 6 pm to either 8 pm, or until all questions are answered. If there is a conflict with another event, it will be announced in class and different arrangement will be made.


    Test 1 Wednesday, Feb 11 in class 100 points
    Test 2 Wednesday, March 25 in class 100 points
    Project Due March 20 (Selection), April 17 (The project) in class 25 points
    Final Monday, May 4, 2009 4:15 pm - 6:15 pm 125 points
    Homeworks (due every Wednesday, posted in the web) 75 points
    Quizzes (given in class at a random time)25 points
    Cutoffs for major grades (A, B, C, D, F) will be assigned for each exam and announced in class so students have some indication of their level of performance. Your final grade will be assigned on the basis of your total score out of 450.

    Projects: The projects must be done by a group of students, with a minmum of 3 and maximum of 6 from this course. Project selection is due on March 20, and the project itself is due on April 17 with a 15 to 50 minutes presentation from the group during the last few lectures. Everyone in the group must use a minimum of 5 minutes to present a portion of the projects in class.

    Homework: Homework problems will be assigned during class meetings and will be collected once a week on each Wednesday. The main purpose of the homework is to help you learn the material. Experience shows that students who take their homework seriously do very well in the course because they have a better understanding of the material.
    1). For an unexcused late homework, there will be a 10% penalty for 1 to 7 days late, and a 20% penalty for 8 to 14 days late. Holidays. Saturdays and Sundays are included in the counting.
    2). An unexcused homework that is late for 15 days or more, or handed in after April 29, will receive no credit.

    Missed exams: Note that there will be two Midterm Exams and a Final Exam. A student who misses an examination will receive zero points for that exam unless he or she has written permission from the Vice president for residential life. If you have a valid excuse (illness, excused athletic absence etc) for missing an exam, please see me ASAP (preferably before the exam) and a makeup exam will be scheduled.

    Exam conflicts: The exam conflicts are governed by Academic code. According to Section 14.2, students with 3 or more finals in one day, or 4 or more finals in a 24 hour period, may negotiate to change the time of one of these finals. If you intend to request to have the time of your Math 40750 final changed, you must talk to your instructor by April 17.

    Honor Code: Both examinations and homework are conducted under the honor code. While discussion in small groups in doing homework is permitted (and strongly encouraged) in this course, the work should be your own. Exams are closed book and are to be done completely by yourself with no help from others.