Here are some models built with the Zome system.

This is a three-dimensional projection of a "hyperdodecahedron." A hyperdodecahedron is a four-dimensional

platonic solid with 120 faces, each of which is a three-dimensional regular dodecahedron.


The above is a computer-generated picture made using the vZome software, available for free

from the programmer, Scott Vorthmann, here.  Several graduate students and I recently built

a real-world ("rZome") version of this model. Here are some pictures of our progress.

The innermost layer is regular dodecahedron, made with blue edges:

Next we add 12 "squashed" dodecahedra, one on each face of the central


Here is the model with the 12 squashed dodecahedra added.

After that, another layer of squashed dodecahedra of various shapes is

added. The final result is this:

Here is the gang who worked on the project:

If you have enough Zome of your own, here are some pictures of partial

versions, that can help you make your own.


Below is the next-to-last stage. The final product is shown at the top of this page.