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The links below give slides of some of my recent talks.

"Old and new problems in random matrix theory," University of Virginia colloquium on eigenvalues of random matrices in the general linear group.    


video of the talk


 slides of the talk

"Eigenvalues for sums of self-adjoint and skew-self-adjoint random matrices," online version of Random Matrix Theory and Applications, May 2020. slides

Invited address, Hartford, CT, April 2019, "Eigenvalues of random matrices in the general linear group in the large-N limit," Hartford.pdf 

"Sampler" of my invited address in Hartford, CT, April 2019. sampler.pdf

"Segal-Bargmann transform for unitary groups in the large-N limit," Conference on Quantization, Galatasary University, Istanbul, Turkey, September 2018. slides 

"Yang-Mills theory and the large-N limit," Northwestern University, November 2017. slides

"Forbidden symmetries, Penrose tiles, and the Nobel prize," general-interest talk in the Science Exploration Series, November 2018. slides











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