Welcome to the Homepage of Bertrand Hochwald at the University of Notre Dame


Bert Hochwald has seen the practice of wireless communications from many different angles in his roles at the Department of Defense, Bell Laboratories, and Beceem Communications, an integrated circuits design start-up in California. Along the way, he has invented technologies and published research articles that are now mainstays of communication theory and practice today, having won paper awards, numerous patents, and become a Fellow of the Insitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

He has twenty patents in the field of wireless communication and is the recipient of several achievement awards while employed at the Department of Defense and the Prize Teaching Fellowship at Yale University. He has served as an Editor for several IEEE journals and given plenary and invited talks on various aspects of signal processing and communications. He has co-invented several well-known multiple-antenna techniques, including a differential method, linear dispersion codes, and multi-user methods. His papers have been listed by Thomson ISI as most-cited in multiple years.

At Notre Dame, he brings his experiences with wireless systems, devices, and service providers, to a research and teaching program that analyzes and pushes the design and performance envelope of the next-generation systems. He believes that wireless communications is, after its first 100 years, still in its infancy, and if everyone understood their smartphones a little better, they would all want to design their own.