After completing my undergraduate degree at UCD back home in Ireland I worked as a  CFD Engineer and Project Manager for a year before deciding to move to the States  and doing a PhD in Environmental Fluid Dynamics at UC San Diego. After completing  my PhD I worked as a postdoc at the Technical University of Catalunya in  Barcelona, Spain. Now I am back in the US and working as  an assistant professor at the University of Notre Dame since August 2010

Diogo Bolster


PhD Students


Daniele Pedretti: Daniele finished his PhD December 2012 at the Technical University of Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, where Diogo did his postdoc. Daniele was Diogo’s first advisee and continues to survive.... As part of his PhD studies studies he spent close to six months last year at Notre Dame working on transport in highly heterogeneous radial flows.

PhD Thesis:  Tools and analysis of spatio-temporal dynamics in heterogeneous aquifers: Applications to artificial recharge and forced-gradient solute transport

Brandon Schneider: Brandon joined us from California, specifically from Cal Lutheran, where he got his undergraduate degree in Geology. For his Masters degree he studied mixing in a heterogeneous porous medium.

Masters Thesis: Solute Transport Across and Angled Interface - Assessments of Mixing and Spreading

May 2013

Ricky Villarreal: Ricky worked as a consultant for groundwater related problems in California for the last several years before deciding to join us at Notre Dame to pursue research on flow and transport in heterogeneous porous media.

Masters Thesis: Laboratory Experiments on Dispersive Transport across Interfaces:

The role of flow cell edges and corners

Amir Paster: Amir spent two years working with us as a postdoc, mostly modeling reactions using novel particle based random walk methods. He has now returned home and is a professor at the University of Tel Aviv in Israel

Carolyn Rodak:  Carrie was adopted into our research group during the last year of her PhD when her primary advisor became Dean of Engineering at Gonzaga University. While an adoptee she played a critical role in many aspects of our research and often helped build team morale. Her research focused on human health risk associated with contaminant transport in porous media.

PhD Thesis: Observations on the analysis of time-dependent health risks from groundwater contamination and the utility of RRV and NCP as measures

Zachary Hanson: Zach joins us from out West. He received his unergraduate degree from Gonzaga University in Washington. He is now working with Diogo and Alan Hamlet. His work will relate to groundwater-surface water interactions and he will be running experiments at Notre Dame’s ND LEEF facility to achieve this.

Daniel McInnis: Dan is now a triple Domer  (Bachelors, Masters and PhD from Notre Dame). Dan worked under the joint supervision of Diogo and Professor Patricia Maurice. Dan studied the transport of Natural Organic Matter through porous media. In particular is he interested how heterogeneity in chemical makeup of NOM affects its transport and how best to go about modeling it.

PhD Thesis: Transport of Humic Substances in Porous Media: Experiments and Modeling Approaches

Antoine Aubeneau: Antoine spent two years with us studying anomalous transport in streams both theoretically and by getting his hands dirty in “real” streams at Notre Dame’s ND LEEF facility.  He is now an assistant professor at Purdue

Elise Wright: Elise studied Mathematics at Concordia and is now working with Diogo Bolster and David Richter on modeling reactive transport through heterogeneous porous media. In particular she is extending Lagrangian particle based methods to these applications with an interest in identifying how to upscale reactions in such systems

Nicole Sund: Nikki finished her PhD in Spring of 2016. She now works for the Dessert Research Institue in Nevada.

Tomas Decampos Aquino: Tomas defended his PhD in the Summer of 2016. He now lives in Spain pursuing a postdoc with the same group where Diogo did his postdoctoral studies.

Abbas spent two years working with us on developing and applying Lattice Boltzmann methods to study complex flows in porous media. He is now a postdoctoral fellow at University of Pennsylvania.

Christian Hunter : While born and raised in USA, Christian has spent the last several years living in Chile, where he is a PhD student at the Universidad Catolica. He is one of the first students participating in the dual degree program between Notre Dame and la Catolica. He is interested in applying risk assessment tools to water sustainability problems in arid regions with a particular emphasis on the Copiapo region in Northern Chile

Kevin Roche: Kevin recently finished his PhD at Northwestern. He is working with us to study transport processes in streams and in particular is hoping to develop models that can be used to analyze all sorts of datasets, spanning biological and engineering research

Thomas Sherman: Thomas, with a background in Mathematics, is working with Diogo to develop models upscaling flow and transport processes across an array of environmental flows, spanning porous media to coastlines.

Amirhosein Begmohammadi: Amir joins us from Iran. He loves maths and is currently working on numerical methods to upscale flow processes in complex coastal environments.