Hello world! I am a PhD candidate studying Physics. I love technology, photography, music, and my family.

About my Research

I am a graduate student at Notre Dame doing research in Astrophysics. I trying to understanding Type Ia supernovae (SN Ia) and use them to understand the dynamics of the universe with my advisor Peter Garnavich.

I have worked on searching for a cosmic bulk flow. We looked at data from the Union2.1 SN Ia data set and searched for the signature cosine in the Hubble diagram residuals. This work was published in the summer of 2016 in ApJ.

Now I am working on investigating systematic uncertainties of SN Ia. We again look at the Hubble diagram residuals, but now are comparing them to properties of where a supernova occurred in a galaxy. We are using new data, to see if properties of the stellar population, like age, has any consistent effect on the intrinsic brightness of SN Ia.

Curriculum vitae

Download a PDF copy of my CV or read it below.



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