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NOTE: INSERT1 and INSERT2 (see below) have been emailed to you.

1. If you have a Mac, visit and read To use the software for this course, you’ll need to install Windows alongside Mac OSX, and install Excel or Office for Windows. This will also allow you to use other Windows software, as well as Mac software on your machine.

2. Check whether you have 32-bit or 64-bit Excel – this determines which software version you should download. You probably have 32-bit Excel. You have 64-bit ONLY if (i) in Excel 2010, you click File – Help, and you see 64-bit in the lower right, or (ii) in Excel 2013, you click File – Account – About Excel, and you see 64-bit at the top of the dialog.


1. Point your browser to (Do not attempt to register or download anywhere else on – this will cause trouble later.)

2. Fill out the form on this page. Enter your email address (to ensure you receive your license activation code), enter a login password you can remember, enter your first and last name, and University of Notre Dame for your school.

3. Enter INSERT1 for the Textbook Code and INSERT2 for the Course Code. These are special for our course – entering these will give you a 140-day license. (Leaving them blank will give you a 15-day license.)

4. Check the box to acknowledge that you accept the Frontline Systems license agreement. Note: Frontline receives no money from you, or the textbook publisher, or the university; this free 140-day license is a courtesy that they offer to students.

5. Click the button Register to Download. If everything is OK, this will take you to the Download page.


1. On the Download page, change 32-bit to 64-bit ONLY if you’ve confirmed that you have 64-bit Excel (see above). Click the blue Download Now button.

2. In some browsers you will see a dialog "Do you want to run or save this file?" Click Save to save the file, named either SolverSetup.exe or SolverSetup64.exe.

3. Now check your email, at the email address you entered above, for a message containing an installation password and a license activation code. Frontline sends this email twice, from different servers, to ensure that you receive it. If you don’t get it, visit and login to request another email message.


1. Make sure that Excel is closed (not running), then run the program SolverSetup.exe (or SolverSetup64.exe). SolverSetup will prompt you to enter the password and activation code from the email message above – enter them exactly as shown in the email (you can copy and paste).

2. The SolverSetup program will prompt you to choose between Analytic Solver Platform, Risk Solver Platform and XLMiner. Choosing Analytic Solver Platform gives you all the features of Risk Solver Platform and XLMiner, so this is usually the best choice. You can CHANGE this choice later in Excel, by choosing a menu option Help – Change Product on the Ribbon.

3. When the SolverSetup program finishes, start Excel (the last Setup dialog prompts you to do this). You should see new tabs on the Ribbon for Analytic Solver Platform or Risk Solver Platform, and XLMiner. Click the Solver Platform tab – you should see a “Welcome” dialog with various links. Use the Help dropdown menu to open Help text, the User Guide and Reference Guide, and load example workbooks.

If all has gone well, you’re ready for our class exercises. If you have problems, the best avenues to get help are to email (this creates a support ticket in Frontline’s Help Desk) or start a Live Chat from any page on, or from within Excel (Help – Support Live Chat).

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