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Hi! I'm Charlotte Ames, a retired subject librarian in the Collection Development Department at the Hesburgh Library, Notre Dame. I was responsible for the development of the collections in Catholic Americana and Irish Studies. I worked closely with the University Archives and the Charles and Margaret Hall Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism. My long interest in Catholic newspapers has produced, with Kevin Cawley, Catholic Newspapers in Microform: A Directory of Works at Notre Dame. Much of my professional life involved ordering books and serials for the library, compiling bibliographies  and providing reference service. I was also involved to some degree in Engendering American Catholic Studies.

I am also interested in Edith Stein.St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, 1891-1942.

In moments of leisure, I enjoy listening to music, especially new age, and rediscovering the gems of classical music.
I'm particularly fond of the artistry of the late Lili Kraus, superb in her renditions of the Mozart sonatas. Steven Roberson's book, entitled Lili Kraus : Hungarian Pianist, Texas Teacher, and Personality Extraordinaire (Fort Worth [Tex.] : TCU Press,c 2000] provides a wonderful profile of her exceptional life . I also enjoy wordworking, and Christmas dinners up in Michigan with my wonderful family and friends.....

19 October 2006

I love children's literature, especially Beatrix Potter's Tale of Peter Rabbit. I'm also especially fond of squirrels!
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