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Elemental analysis is, at its core, the determination of elemental composition of your samples. A variety of techniques are at your disposal for this.


The Center has the capability to analyze both organic and inorganics elements through a variety of techniques. Using the Perkin Elmer AAnalyst 800 or either of our Perkin Elmer ICP-OES assets, users have the capability to measure roughly 90% of the periodic table at values down to the low ppb (part per billion) scale.

The Costech EAS 4010 and Shimadzu TOC-V/TNM can give users precise values for carbon and nitrogen in solid or aqueous samples. In addition, the Costech EAS can provide hydrogen, sulfur or oxygen data with minimal modification.

Lastly, our single purpose DMA-80 can provide low concentration mercury values in solid or liquid samples with no hazardous waste for the user to recover.

This is augmented by our Dionex Ion Chromatography device which can measure elemental ions in solution. More information on that device can be found on our HPLC page.