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Providing a safe environment for your research is just as important as providing state of the art analytical capabilities for your research.

You play an important role in not just your safety, but other CEST users' safety. Here are the resources you should be familiar with.


In addition to the resources at CEST, the Universty has several other facilities that could complement your research.

  • Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics Facility. MSPF, provides modern instrumentation and expertise for mass spectrometric and chromatographic analyses.
  • Materials Characterization Facilities. The MCF provides world-class, state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation to support scientific advancements and new or improved sustainable energy technologies and systems.
  • Midwest Isotope and Trace Element Research Analytical Center. MITERAC is a NSF-funded facility that represents a Notre Dame-led consortium of midwest universities (Indiana State University, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, Ball State University, Indiana University at South Bend, Western Michigan University).
  • Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility. NDIIF provides an integrated suite of sophisticated microscopes and imaging stations that enable expert users to attack the most complex modern research problems and, equally important, resident professional staff (technicians and research specialists) to guide the non-expert users.