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This site

You have reached Curtis Franks's web-pages at the University of Notre Dame du Lac.

Its author

Curtis Franks is the direct patrilineal descendent of Isaac Franks (b. 1772 in the Royal Province of South Carolina). He lives in Chicago, Illinois and has been teaching logic and related things in Notre Dame's Department of Philosophy since 2006.

His philosophy

Franks is interested in the origins of modern logic, and much of his research is devoted to this topic in one way or another. Rather than get involved in traditional philosophical debates about the nature and meaning of logic and mathematics, he prefers just to understand the conceptual problems and tendencies of thought that motivated logicians like Bolzano, Gentzen, Gödel, Hilbert, Henkin, and Lorenzen because he sees the beauty of the science they forged as evidence for the correctness of their views. His own thought has failed to exhibit any consistent tendencies, as he aims to inhabit whatever point of view sheds light on the phenomena that interest him. In 2011 he proposed an answer to a 350 year old question in talmudic logic posed by Aaron Shmuel Kaidovner, clarifying the derivations in seder kodashim.


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