Recent, current, and pending courses

 Current (Spring '24)
 o Formal Logic
 o Pragmatism

 SLS Summer School, July '15
 o Logical Completeness: The Very Idea

 Pending (AY '24--'25)
 o Seminar: Definition
 o Intermediate Logic

 o Pragmatism
 o Intuitionism
 o Honors Intro
 o Philosophy of Logic
 o Philosophy of Mathematics
 o Skepticism and Naturalism
 o Formal Logic
 o Wittgenstein's PI
 o Wittgenstein Seminar
 o Freshman Seminar
 o Phil. Against Itself
 o Proof Theory
 o Intermediate Logic
 o Gödel's Theorems
 o Knowledge and Mind
 o Nature of Obligation
 o Honors Phil. Seminar
 o Phil. in Literature


To the left you can find titles and syllabi for courses and seminars Franks has taught or is planning to teach. His teaching emphasis is modern formal logic. This covers a wide range of topics at the advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate level. He also routinely teaches beginning logic classes as well as more advanced things like the proof theory of arithmetic and recursion theory. In a less routine way, Franks teaches other philosophical topics. When he does, he emphasizes a historical, interpretative approach to significant philosophical texts. His seminar topics coincide with his research interests.


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