Links to written work

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  (a reply to three of the book's reviews)

 Encyclodedia Entries
 o Propositional logic, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Summer 2023 Edition), Edward N. Zalta & Uri Nodelman (eds.)

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 o 14 self-referential verses derived anagrammatically from William Shakespeare's "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?", Fleas on the Dog 12, 2022.
 o The Dao of Mohs, The Orchards Poetry Journal, December 2021.
 o Haiku poem cycle, Light, Winter-Spring 2021.
 o Glivenko's theorem
 o Towards a 'pataphysics of anthills
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 o In memorium of Mark Steiner, guest 'blog post at "Leiter Reports."