Chemistry Graduate Student Organization of Notre Dame
Welcome to our site! The Chemistry Graduate Student Organization (CGSO) is a group of graduate students within the Chemistry and Biochemistry department of the University of Notre Dame. Since CGSO's inception in early 2014, we have provided a solid foundational front for ND chemistry graduate students to organize and unite in many endeavors.

Our aims are multifaceted, including professional development, social interaction, and departmental service. Our main goal, however, is to act as a buffer between the department's adminstration and our graduate student population. We therefore seek to communicate as a united and cohesive unit to efficiently disseminate our collective views/opinions within the chemistry and biochemistry community here at Notre Dame. The CGSO is designed in such a way as to include all divisions within the department (organic, inorganic, biochemistry, and physical/analytical). All chemistry graduate students are welcome and encouraged to participate!

If you have an questions or comments, our anonymous suggestion box is always open! Do you have questions or comments for the Graduate Student Union? You can submit those anonymously to our GSU representatives here.
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