C a l e H a r n i s h



C. Harnish, K. Matouš, and D. Livescu, “Adaptive Wavelet Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Initial-Boundary Value Problems With Error Control”, International Journal for Multiscale Computational Engineering, vol. 16, no. 1, pp 19-43, 2018.

E. Behnke, et. al., “Direct Measurement of the Bubble-nucleation Energy Threshold in a CF3I Bubble Chamber”, Physical Review D, vol. 88, no. 2, 2013.



In the Summer of 2015, I spent 10 weeks at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). This opportunity was possible thanks to the partnership between C-SWARM and PSAAP. There I worked on adaptive wavelet methods for solving partial differential equations (PDEs).

Thanks to continued support from Dr. Daniel Livescu, I returned to LANL in the Summer of 2016 and the Winter of 2017. During this time we developed a method for calculating spatial derivatives of n-dimensional wavelet basis functions using matrix operators. This became the method used in the Multi-Resolution Wavelet Toolkit (MRWT), the wavelet-based non-linear PDE solver currently in use by the Center for Shock Wave-processing of Advanced Reactive Materials at the University of Notre Dame.

Graduate Classes

Notre Dame

Mathematical Methods I / II

Numerical Methods I / II

Finite Elements in Engineering

Continuum Mechanics

Advanced Mechanics of Solids

Computational Nonlinear Solid Mechanics

Statistical Mechanics

Intermediate Fluid Mechanics

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Intermediate Heat Transfer

Advanced Scientific Computing

Conference Talks


Society of Engineering Science, October 2-5, 2016

"Adaptive Wavelet Multiresolution Pseudo-spectral Solver for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations"

University of Maryland, College Park, MD

14th U.S. National Conference on Computational Mechanics, July 17-20, 2017

“Adaptive Wavelet Algorithm for Solving Coupled Systems of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations With Error Control”

Palais des Congres,  Montreal, QC, Canada

Society of Engineering Science, July 25-28, 2017

“Adaptive Wavelet Multiresolution Pseudo-spectral Solver for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations”

Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Research Groups


As an undergraduate student and as a post-baccalaureate I was a member of the PICASSO/COUPP (PICO) research group. This group aims to detect dark matter particles using bubble chamber technology. My role in the group was to construct and stress test components used the in the bubble chamber. The majority of these components were piezo-electric acoustic transducers which were hand-made in South Bend, Indiana.

While involved in the PICO group, I co-authored the following paper:

" Direct measurement of the bubble-nucleation energy threshold in a CF3I bubble chamber"

Which was published in Physical Review D



Paper describing my undergraduate research

4 bit Calculator I designed using digital electronics