Ramsey Theory and Computability

Rome, Italy

July 9–13, 2018

Last updated February 14, 2017

Tentative Speakers: 

We are expecting about at least 13 talks. If you are interested in speaking please let us prior to March 1 (see registration).  We hope to decide the speakers by April 1. 

Registration:  Registration. Simply add your name, email, current date, if interested in speaking, and if funding is needed in the linked google sheet in one row.  Please do not edit any other row or columns.  One cannot get into the venue without preregistration.  There is no registration fee. 


Venue:  The Colosseum was not available but we are a block away at ND Rome Global Gateway.  We have one lecture room that sits about 40.  There are 2 small white boards and the room is long. So board talks are not suggested.   There is space for breaking up into groups for research. 

Funding:  At this point there is limited travel funding available for students, postdocs, and speakers. Contact the organizer. We will likely give all interested parties the same fixed amount. The amount will depend on number of interested parties and amount of support available.  

Many Thanks to our Sponsors!  Notre Dame Research, Center for Mathematics at Notre Dame, Notre Dame College of Science, Notre Dame Department of Mathematics, and the NSF.

Organizer:  Peter Cholak 

Program Committee:   Lorenzo Carlucci, Peter Cholak (Chair), Damir Dzhafarov, Denis Hirschfeldt, and Ludovic Patey. 

Tentative Schedule: 

Travel Arrangements:  Here you are on your own. What follows are some suggestions by the Notre Dame Global Gateway staff.  There is also Airbnb. We understand public transportation in Rome is good and you should be able get a hotel or room further out and travel in, if desired. 

Map of hotels in relation to Notre Dame Global Gateway.


Suggestions: Suggestions and comments are welcome.  The ones that you are willing to implement will be viewed very positively.