June 4 to 8, 2012


Invited Speakers

David Ayala (Harvard) "Higher categories are sheaves on manifolds"

Ulrich Bunke (University of Regensburg, Germany) "Bordism, K-theory and eta invariants"

Kevin Costello (Northwestern) "Supersymmetric gauge theory and derived geometry"

Sergei Gukov (Cal Tech) "What A-polynomial knows about Khovanov homology"

André Henriques (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Jacob Lurie (Harvard) "Loop Spaces, p-Divisible Groups, and Character Theory"

Chris Schommer-Pries (MIT) "The unicity of the homotopy theory of higher categories."

Dennis Sullivan (CUNY and SUNY at Stony Brook) "Some solved and unsolved puzzles in the FRG's focus on 2D field theories"

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