Great Builders October 15, 2015

Paul Giroux
Senior Engineer, Kiewit Corporation

In the past century the means and methods to design and build infrastructure have evolved at an ever increasing rate.  Yet, there are timeless lessons from the builders of the “great projects”; the Brooklyn Bridge, the Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Panama Canal.  Veteran builder and award winning civil engineering historian Raymond Paul Giroux will share his unique perspective of the great projects and the timeless lessons of the builders of the great projects.  

Paul received his BS in Construction Engineering from Iowa State University in 1979. Since then, Paul has been with Kiewit Corporation for the past 36 years and played a key role in the construction of several heavy civil engineering mega projects throughout the United States including Fort McHenry Tunnel in Baltimore, projects on the Big Dig in Boston including the new Zakim / Bunker Hill Bridge, and most recently, the new San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge East Span.   He is member of the Iowa State University Civil Engineering Advisory Board, the Transportation Research Board, and is a Corresponding Member of the American Society of Civil Engineering History and Heritage Committee.  In 2008 Paul was the ASCE Chairman and featured speaker for Brooklyn Bridge 125th Celebration in New York.  In 2010 he presented the closing speech at the Hoover Dam 75th Anniversary Symposium in Las Vegas.  During 2012 Paul served as the ASCE Chairman and principal lecturer for the Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary.  In October 2014 Paul was a featured speaker at the Global Engineering Conference in Panama to help commemorate the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal. Paul is the author of several bridge design and civil engineering history papers and has presented lectures at nearly 60 engineering schools throughout the United States. In 2013 Paul was the recipient of the ASCE’s prestigious Civil Engineering History and Heritage Award.  In 2015 Paul was the recipient of the ASCE’s prestigious G. Brooks Earnest Technical Lecture Award.