The Practice of Natural Hazards, Structural and Risk Engineering, and Risk Management April 6, 2017

Peter Yanev
Founder EQE Consulting

Through photographs and technical data, Mr. Yanev summarizes over 45 years of experience in engineering for natural hazards throughout the world, with emphasis on earthquake, structural and risk engineering and risk management. Key points include (1) how simple ideas can lead to major research and risk management projects, (2) that it is critical to observe the effects of natural disasters first hand in order to understand and improve on the practice of engineering, and (3) that today’s codes will be outdated soon because of advances in engineering and future lessons, both good and bad, from earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc.

Peter Yanev, founder of EQE Consulting, has over 40 years of experience in natural hazards risk management. Peter co-founded and built the world’s largest natural hazards risk management company, EQE International. He was among the first in the industry to develop natural hazards (catastrophe) modeling for corporations through EQECAT, a subsidiary of EQE. Peter sold EQE International in 2000 and became the senior technical consultant for earthquake issues for The World Bank, where he put his skills to work helping others around the world.
Peter has visited or sent teams to investigate the effects of over 120 natural disasters around the world since 1971. He has led hundreds of projects around the world for major corporations, governments, and international organizations. He is also co-author of Peace of Mind in Earthquake Country, the best-selling earthquake risk management guide for homeowners, currently in its third edition. He has served on three academic boards at the University of California, Berkeley & MIT, his undergraduate and graduate schools, and was inducted to the UC Berkeley Civil and Environmental Engineering Academy of Distinguised Alumni in 2012.