September 8, 2011 David Reckhow
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Massachussetts Amherst
Carcinogens in Drinking Water: From Natural Precursors to Disinfection Byproducts in the Home
September 15, 2011 Edward Fitzpatrick
Retired, President of Fitzpatrick Construction
The Story of Land Reclamation for Battery Park City, Manhattan
September 29, 2011 Hendrik L. Tolman
Physical Scientist, NCEP/EMC/Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch, NOAA
Quo Vadis Wavewatch III: A career in living on the beach
October 6, 2011 Fred L. Haan
Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Unraveling the mysteries of Tornadoes: The Quest for Safer Communities
DECEMBER 1, 2011 Mitchell T. Farmer
Section Manager, Engineering Development Laboratories, Nuclear Engineering Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Light Water Reactor Severe Accident R&D at Argonne Related to the Nuclear Accident in Japan
November 10, 2011 Ronald T. Eguchi
President and CEO, ImageCat Inc., Long Beach, CA
Earthquakes, Hurricanes and other Disasters: A View from Space
November 17, 2011

Paul Grioux, P.E., M.ASCE
District Quality Manager, Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.
Building Hoover Dam