All talks will take place in Hayes-Healy 127. Other rooms will be open throughout the building for groups to work, including Hayes-Healy 125 and Hayes-Healy 129 (on either side of 127), and the lounge, Hurley 257, where also coffee and snacks will be available during the breaks. 

8-8.55am: Breakfast and packet pick-up in Hurley 257
8.55-9am: Welcome, Hayes-Healy 127
9-10am: Mark Daniel Ward, An Introduction to Analytic Combinatorics and Probability I
10-10.30am: Edinah Gnang, A combinatorial approach to the algebra matrices and hypermatrices
10.30-11am: Break
11-noon: Ward II
noon-12.30pm: Rodrigo Ferraz de Andrade, Newton Method for Evaluating Generating Functions of Recursive Combinatorial Classes
12.30-2pm: Lunch (on your own)
2-3pm: Ward III
3-5.20pm: time for discussion
5.20-6.20pm: Screening of the documentary "N is a Number" about the life of Paul Erdos, HH127
6.30-9pm: Workshop dinner, Jordan Hall Reading Room
8-9am: Breakfast in Hurley 257
9-10am: Dhruv Mubayi, Methods in Extremal Set Theory I  
10-10.30am: Lujia Wang, Multicolor Sunflowers  
10.30-11am: Break  
11-noon: Mubayi II  
noon-12.30pm: Caroline Terry, Discrete metric spaces: global structure, enumeration, and 0-1 laws  
12.30-2.15pm: Lunch (on your own)  
2.15-2.45pm: Theo Molla, The Absorption Method  
2.45-3.45pm: Mubayi III  
3.45-: time for discussion and dispersion