Dining Suggestions

For lunch on Saturday and Sunday, there are a number of spots open around campus.
They are all marked on the campus map:
  • The Huddle student center: Subway, Burger King, Starbucks, convenience store
  • Au Bon Pain: Soups, sandwiches and pastries, in the lobby of the Hesburgh library (the Touchdown Jesus building)
  • Rohrs: Pub food (complete with pub), located in the Morris Inn
  • Sorins: A classy joint, located in the Morris Inn
Just south of campus is Eddy street commons, with many options:
  • Barbici: ''Italian street food'' (which turns out to be sandwiches on flatbread)
  • There's also a Jamba Juice, a Starbucks, a Bigby's coffee, and a 7-11.