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Marc Cozzi

Wee Rob canoe project 2001

Melonseed skiff project 2002-03

12'0" Wee Rob
  A Wee Rob that was constructed during the summer of 2001. It started after using a Wee Rob lapstrake canoe built by my brother Pete Cozzi. If it's this much fun paddling one ultra-light around a quiet pond, it must at lease be twice as much fun with two canoes".

  Original designs created in the later part of the 19th century. This one "I think" is by Iain Oughtred. This newer version is modeled somewhat after the larger version called Rob Roy. The newer design specifications are:

LOA 12' 0"
Beam 2' 4"
Depth 11"
Weight !~27lbs

 Some design modifications include single lug sail and leeboard. Intended for single occupancy in protected waters.

13'4" Melon Seed Skiff
  The latest project is a gunning skiff designed around the turn of the century (mid to late 1800's) called the Melon Seed skiff. Used in the shallow protected waters around the Chesapeake and Barnegat bay area for hunting water foul. IMHO, the boat has exceptionally beautiful lines.

  The plans I'm using are by Marc Barto who I believe copied the Howard I. Chapelle design that is in the Smithsonian. The plan shown above is the original Chapelle plan. As far as I can tell, Marc Barto has made a very close set of plans to that of the original. After all, the intention is to create a boat as close to the original as possible.

Features: wineglass transom,
unstayed sprit rig.

LOA - 13' 4"
LWL - 11' 4"
Beam - 4' 2"
Draft (db up) - 3"
(db down) - 2' 4"
Weight - about 140 lbs.
Sail Area (sprit) - 72 sq. ft

Last update: August 22, 2005

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 Mystic Seaport Melonseed

Construction pictures:
April 1, 2002 Strongback, Station molds, Stem, Transum
May-July, 2002 Chines, Inner Stem, Transum
Sept. 3, 2002 Garboards, Bottom plank
Sept 30, 2002 Skeg, Spiling, Planking
Nov 15, 2002 Invert, Steam, Boom
Nov 28, 2002 Boom, Ribs, Mast
Dec 28, 2002 Ribs, Shear clamps, Mast Step
Jan 18, 2003 Deck beams, Step, Heat
Feb 16, 2003 Dagger trunk, Mast bed, Mast
March 10, 2003 Breast hook, Deck Knee, Carlens, Forward mast kingplank
March 16, 2003 Decking, Hatch, Aft kingplank
March 30, 2003 Deck coaming, Rudder, Transum
April 6, 2003 Outer stem, Deck coaming, Cockpit coaming
April 11-15, 2003 Oars, Rub rail, Daggerboard
April 22-28, 2003 Invert, Sanding, Hull/Transom finishing
May 5, 2003 Daggerboard handle, trim, toerail plugs
May 18, 2003 Deck varnish, gudgeons, mast fitting.
August 9, 2003 Launch, leak test, sail test.
April 15, 2004 Launch and later.

Launch video MPEG ~225.Mbyte