The course grade will be based on two exams, a mini project, a semester-long (team) project, class participation, and an in-class presentation of your class project. The instructor will provide electronic access to the slides used in class and there may be several handouts (e.g., papers, manuals, etc.). There is no textbook for this class.

The detailed breakdown of the grades is shown below.

Assignment   Weight
Midterm Exam   15%
Final Exam   25%
Mini Project   10%
Project Progress Reports   15%
Project Demonstration   15%
Final Project Deliverables   20%


Collaboration in the project is encouraged (within and across teams), which includes sharing of code snippets, libraries, etc. But any sharing and collaboration across teams must be disclosed in the final report.

You must read, understand, and abide by the Department Honor Policy and the University Academic Code of Honor, both available on the web. At key points during the semester, the matter of appropriate collaboration will be discussed in class.

Any violation of these rules will be considered a very serious matter and will result in a referral to the University honor committee and the appropriate rector and academic advisor. Penalties may include failure of the class and suspension or expulsion from the university.