Lecture Preparations & Homework Assignments (20%)

To prepare students for the lectures and to facilitate discussions, students are expected to read one or more papers for each lecture. Links to the papers are provided on the course schedule. Each paper must be summarized in 1-2 paragraphs, describing the key ideas, problem statement and solutions, results, etc. In addition, for some papers, students have to answer one or more homework questions.

Survey Paper (15%)

Each student will prepare a survey or research paper on a topic to be determined by the student. This paper can be a case study of a pervasive health system/application or it can focus on a concrete problem in pervasive health, either expanding on one of the topics covered in the lectures or studying a different topic that is not covered by the lectures. A paper must be at least 6 pages long (single-spaced, 10 or 11pt font, single or double column, no more than 1 inch margins) and is expected to provide information that goes beyond the information provided by the lectures and reading materials.

Survey Paper Presentation (15%)

Each student will prepare a 6-7 minute presentation on the topic described in the student's survey paper, followed by a discussion. These presentations will allow all students in class to learn about the topics investigated by their peers, but will also help practice the oral presentation skills of all students. Powerpoint or pdf slides must be provided to the instructor before the presentation.

Project (50%)

Each student will perform a semester-long pervasive health project. Teams of at most two students are allowed, however, the expectations on the quality and scope of the project are more than double of single-developer projects. There will be several deliverables throughout the semester: a written proposal, a design document including story boards and an assessment of technology requirements, a final in-class demonstration and presentation, and a final report.