Blue-Gold Day Presentation Breakfast

On Blue-Gold Day 2011 (April 16), the CRND hosted a Presentations Breakfast to bring faculty, friends, and students together to celebrate the accomplishments of the center's research programs and explore the promise of start-up projects incubated by CRND funding and program development. Highlighted areas included internal and external networks and core infrastructure developed through new collaborations and initiatives (CRND Scores!, the CRND DATA CLUB, the Eli Lily Agreement and Collaboration, the Pilot Proteomics Award Program, the Research Incubator Program, the Clinical Translational Seminar Series, the Parsons-Quinn Endowment of the Directorship, the Clinical Research and Service Program (BIOS Course), and the CRND Steering Committee, etc.). New awards for the Research Incubator Program were announced and PIs for awarded projects presented reports on their progress, new discoveries and plans for further development.

An expanded discussion of the Blue-Gold Day presentations on CRND Incubator Research Projects is provided by Drs. Pamela Tamez and Kasturi Haldar (CRND Director) in the inaugural issue of the CRND newsletter, SIGNAL.

From left top to right - Dr. Kasturi Haldar welcomes the CRND faculty, friends and students; Dr. Basar Bilgicer and Dr. Jeff Schorey (collaborators on a TB project); Drs. Haldar and NItesh Chawla with Mr. Brendan Maher and Ms. Katrina Epperson (CRND Scores! Initiative); Dr. Jesus Izaguirre; Dr. Marvin Miller (Anti-malarial agents); Mr. Emmanuel AbuGyamfi (Stahelin Lab); Drs. Sebastian Fernandez-Pol (Haldar Lab) and Shaun Lee (Bacteriocins project); Dr. Rohit Tiwari (Miller Lab, working on a TB drug discovery project); Dr. Olaf Wiest (NP-C therapeutics with Dr. Crislyn D'Souza-Schorey); Dr. Jeff Schorey ; Dr. Pamela Tamez (Director of External Relations for CRND and Research Assistant Professor) and Dr. Zachary Schaefer.


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