(First line, left top to right) Conrad Epting, Timothy Yoshino, Emmitt Jolly. (Second line, far right) Bill Sullivan. (Third line, left to right): Pam Tamez and Chad Rappleye, Christina Hull. (Fourth line, far left) David Engman and Edwin Michael, (far right) Jeffrey Rohde and Vern Carruthers.

The inaugural Midwest Neglected Infectious Disease (MNID) meeting was hosted by The Center for Rare and Neglected Diseases on August 26-27, 2011. The goal of MNID was to create a Midwest network, serving as a platform for joint regional activities, collaborations and increased exposure for trainees at a regional level.

MNID was organized as a "mini-Gordon style conference" with an emphasis on trainee talks and was funded by Burroughs Wellcome. The MNID program consisted of 14 30-minute talks and kicked off on Friday at 11:30 am (EDT) with a luncheon and talks beginning at 1 pm (EDT). The meeting ended on Saturday at noon. Over 100 scientists from Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio joined the conference. Nearly 40 posters were presented. Details of the MNID conference and scientific presentations are reported in CRND's newsletter, SIGNAL (Volume 1, Issue 2).

Congratulations to the members of the MNID Steering Committee and hearty thanks to Burroughs Wellcome for their sponsorship!

MNID Steering Committee
Vern Carruthers, University of Michigan- Ann Arbor
David Engman, Northwestern University
Kasturi Haldar, University of Notre Dame
Christina Hull, University of Wisconsin- Madison
Laura Knoll, University of Wisconsin- Madison
Pamela Tamez, University of Notre Dame
David Williams, Rush University Medical Center


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