October 30, 2009 - Professor Herman H. Vandenburgh, High Content Drug Screening and Drug Discovery



Dr. Herman Vandenburgh, Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Brown University and founder of Myomics, Inc. discussed Myomics Inc.'s approach to drug screening, using a bioartificial muscle platform to screen well-studied FDA approved drugs. This screening identifies compounds, which can improve contractility or reduce muscle fatigue in patients with muscular disorders (e.g., Duschenne's muscular dystrophy). 

Myomic's strategy reduces the time and costs associated with typical drug development in which molecular target identification is followed by drug compound library screens to identify selective inhibitors of the target.  Bypassing the steps of target identification, Dr. Vandenburgh screens compounds for a desired functional effect. By screening drugs that are already FDA approved and in clinical use, Dr. Vandenburgh hopes to avoid the need for expensive and extremely time-consuming animal and human studies to determine the toxicity of new compounds. 

(Photos: Will Wall)

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