April 23, 2010 - The Third Class in Developing Health Networks in Rare & Neglected Diseases!


(Photo: Will Wall, 2009)


The third class for BIOS60570 poses for a picture with Dr. Kasturi Haldar and co-facilitator Ms. Jenny Shin.


In its third offering, the Developing Health Networks in Rare and Neglected Diseases Course expanded its scope with two ambitious goals.

The first goal was to engage students in establishing the consequences of fever on neurological prognosis, after recovery from infection by a neglected, parasitic disease. Students scored fever charts of malaria patients from Malawi, developed cumulative 'fever load' associated with infections and contributed to clinical decision trees addressing the efficacy of aggressive treatment of fever in reducing subsequent seizures, memory and learning disorders and other neurological sequelae.  As part of this goal, students also provided a service to families and clinicians in Malawi by developing medical history notebooks for them.

The second goal was to continue building a robust clinical score for the rare disease, Niemann Pick Disease, type C (NP-C). In this part, students scored medical records of NP-C patients in class and contributed to the development of the clinical score needed for testing emerging therapeutics and diagnostics. As part of this goal, students provided a service to the NP-C families and the community by creating a medical summary/notebook, which the families could use when seeing new specialists.

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