April 9, 2010 - FD Porter, NIH Investigator & Physician Filming Class for the Foundation for Biomedical Research



Forbes Dennison Porter, M.D., Ph.D., is a Senior Investigator and Chief for the Molecular Dysmorphology Section for the Program in Developmental Endocrinology and Genetics at the National Institute of Child Health Development.

Dr. Porter and a film crew from the Foundation for Biomedical Research joined the class to shoot a segment of Survivor's Tales: NPC, part of a series airing on the Discovery Channel.

Dr. Porter discussed the NICDH's Longitudinal Observational Study, which aims to identify clinical or biochemical markers for potential therapeutic trials and diagnostic screening. He outlined the role of the successive BIOS60571 classes in advancing the Longitudinal Chart Review process, which is the basis for developing the Clinical Severity Scale for NP-C.

The Clinical Severity Scale will help clinicians and researchers quantify disease progression, correlate potential biomarkers with disease status, and provide a long-term outcome measure to evaluate therapeutic efficacy. Students learned about the process of biomarker validation, hypothesis formulation, and clinical trial design.


(Photos: Will Wall, 2010)