Marie Milord, M.D. on Lymphatic Filariasis in Haiti

February 5, 2010. Dr. Marie-Denise Milord, Physician and Researcher discussed the UND Haiti Program and its work to eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis in her island home with Professor Kasturi Haldar's students.

The depth of Dr. Milord's clinical experience and work with the Haitian public health system offered students an up close view of the effects of Lymphatic Filariasis in Haiti, and the complexity of addressing the myriad of medical, behavioral, social, governmental, infrastructure and scientific research considerations involved with massive public health interventions. Students related passionately to Dr. Milord's deeply moving account as a concerned physician and member of the Haitian community.

Dr. Milord also talked about the recent earthquake, which she experienced first-hand with the UND Haiti team, and the process of re-organizing efforts to help the Haitian people in their time of extreme need.

(Photo: W Wall, 2010)




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