Nicole Yanjanin, MSN on NP-C Disease

March 11, 2011

Nicole Yanjanin, M.S.N . Nurse Practitioner and Investigator with the National Institute of Child Health Development (NICDH) .

Ms. Yanjanin is a colleague of Dr. F.D. Porter with whom she collaborates on the NICDH's Longitudinal Observational Study of Niemann-Pick type C (NP-C) patients. She is valued and frequent lecturer to successive CRND classes and mainstay in the ongoing collaboration between NICHD and the CRND on the NIH Natural History Study of NP-C Disease. .

Ms. Yanjanin gave an extended lecture to the current CRND BIOS class on the development of the Clinical Severity Scale for NP-C Disease and the ongoing collaboration on the Natural History Study. Ms. Yanjanin's work with Dr. FD Porter is pioneering in this area. In addition to her understanding of study design and research methodology, Ms. Yanjanin's insights as a Clinical Nurse-Researcher, are critical to students as they attempt to understand of the many clinical and human considerations affecting data gathering, interpretation, and clinical scoring in the institutional context of the NIH. She is able to bridge their academic classroom and literature based studies with the lived experience of a direct observer and discerning clinician who works in a team setting and supports both patients and families.


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