The Clinical-Translational Seminar Series -Dr. Timothy Grese

(Above, from the left) George Kennedy, Rachael Schluttenhofer, Jeannie Hoang, Jennifer Zupkosky, Victoria Smith, Emily Williams, Stefan Freed, and Timothy Grese, Ph.D. pose for a photo following their informal lunch and Q&A. (Photos: C. Stackowicz, 2012)

November 2, 2012. Dr. Timothy Grese, Chief Scientific Officer for Lead Generation and External Innovation Discovery Chemistry Research and Technology for Eli Lilly and Company was welcomed to the CRND's Clinical Translational Seminar Series where he presented, "Open Innovation Drug Discovery (OIDD): A New Platform for Academic-Industrial Collaboration." The platform for collaboration discussed by Dr. Grese addressed a problem that is all too familiar to investigators in rare and neglected diseases research; the lack of financial incentives for the pharmaceutical industry to invest in finding therapeutics for small or poor populations and the lack of resources available to non-profit universities to advance major projects in drug development. The new model for collaboration described by Grese potentially allows universities to use Lilly resources for their academic research into areas such as drug design, assay development, and data analysis.

(Below, from the left) CRND Steering Committee members and the Associate Dean for the College of Science, Drs. Shahir Rizk, Richard Taylor, Tim Grese, Kasturi Haldar, and Olaf Wiest share a few thoughts following Dr. Grese's seminar.




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