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HomLab: Homotopy Continuation Lab

Software for solving polynomial systems

You have found the download page for HomLab. The current version is v1.0, released April 1, 2005.

If you have not done so before, please read the license policy now.

Please fill out the following brief questionnaire to help us get to know the user base of HomLab.
Privacy policy: You may remain anonymous, although we always like to hear from our friends and make new acquaintances. Name, affiliation, url, or e-mail entries will never be used publicly or released to anyone outside our research group. If you give your e-mail address, we will use it only to advise you of major new developments, such as a new release to fix significant bugs (if any are found) or a new version that extends the capabilities of HomLab.

User questionnaire

The following describes me (check one):
  1. University Staff:
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    • Post-doc.
    • Researcher at university-affiliated lab or institute.
      ( I'm teaching (or planning to teach) a course using HomLab.)
  2. Student:
    • Graduate.
    • Undergraduate.
      ( I'm taking a course that uses HomLab.)
  3. Industrial R&D.
  4. Other:
  5. Just curious.
My interest in polynomial systems is related mainly to (check all that apply):
  1. Applied Math.
  2. Chemistry.
  3. Graphics/CAD/CAGD.
  4. Kinematics/Robotics.
  5. Finance or Economics.
  6. Other:
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Please e-mail me if there is a major new release or bug-fix. (If you check this box, please be sure your e-mail address is correct above.)

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