Graduation Year Choose a graduation year. Graduation year is calculated by identifying when a student took EG10111 and adding four years.

Grade Levels Select grade levels that match the graduation years chosen.
Fr So
Jr Sr
Group Students Group students by those that took the same AP courses, math AP courses, or science AP courses, or by all the courses they took in a single term.

Filter AP Groups Filter groups of students (for "All AP Courses", "Math AP Courses", and "Science AP Courses" only).
Filter Courses Filter courses. Must choose more than one course to create groups of students (nodes) and the links between those groups. The correct grade levels must be chosen for certain courses as well (Fr, So, Jr, Sr).

Funnel Groups Funnel existing student groups into a single course.

Cutoff Display groups only up to the funnel course. Does not work when grouping students using "Courses by Term".
Sort Groups by GPA Stack groups of students vertically along each column of the Sankey diagram by their average GPA.
Hide Labels Hide the labels of groups of students, which are displayed as nodes.
Group Range: 1 to 200 Display nodes that contain numbers of students in the chosen range.

Link Range: 1 to 200 Display links that contain numbers of students in the chosen range.