Don Brower

I work in the Hesburgh Library at Notre Dame on digital projects. Right now I am interested in digital preservation and storage, as well as semantic markup, and RDF.

Before working in the library, I got a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Notre Dame. And before that, I developed slot machines and slot machine paytables.

Research and Mathy Things


An incomplete list of things to do in South Bend, Indiana.

Also, many thanks to Bonnie for the infinite elephant picture. Of course, the infinite elephant lives in a non-standard model of PA.

Contact Info

mail:   Don Brower
        208 Hesburgh Library  
        Hesburgh Libraries
        Notre Dame, IN 46556

email:  dbrower at nd dotedu
phone:  574-631-1566
office: 208 Hesburgh Library
fax:    574-631-6772

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