Math 43900 - Problem Solving in Math

Fall 2014

Instructor: David Galvin

The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is a nationwide mathematical problem-solving competition that is held annually on the first Saturday of December. All undergraduates who enjoy solving mathematical problems (whether math majors or not) are invited to take part. Math 43900 is a course designed to help participants to prepare for the competition.

Here is some general information for the 2014 course.

First meeting: The first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 26 (3.30pm, in Hayes-Healy 129), the first day of classes. This will just be an organizational/introductory session, where will go quickly over the organization of the class, and you can all introduce yourselves to me. We'll also talk briefly about high-level problem-solving strategies, and I'll hand out a sheet of warm-up problems.

Weekly problems: Throughout the semester I'll update the following document:

weekly problems

with problems, solutions, and discussions of problem-solving techniques.

Recent Putnam Competitions and Solutions