A mathematical tour of the US

I would like to visit all 50 US states; my tally is currently at 48. Some colleagues have pointed out that a visit to a state shouldn't really count unless it involves a talk; so I'm also working towards giving a mathematical talk in all 50 states. For this goal, my tally stands at 30 (plus DC). Listed here is a talk in each state.

Sebi Cioba is also keeping track of states where he has talked.

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  1. Alabama: University of South Alabama; October 2023
  2. Missouri: Washington University in St. Louis; March 2023
  3. Utah: University of Utah, Salt Lake City; October 2022
  4. Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin, Madison; September 2019
  5. South Carolina: University of South Carolina, Columbia; March 2017
  6. Minnesota: University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis; October 2016
  7. North Dakota: North Dakota State University, Fargo; April 2016
  8. Nevada: University of Nevada, Las Vegas; April 2015
  9. Colorado: University of Colorado, Boulder; April 2013
  10. Ohio: Miami University, Oxford; April 2013
  11. Nebraska: University of Nebraska, Lincoln; October 2011
  12. North Carolina: Wake Forest, Winston-Salem; September 2011
  13. Michigan: Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo; April 2011
  14. Iowa: University of Iowa, Iowa City; March 2011
  15. Texas: SIAM Conference in Discrete Mathematics, Austin; June 2010
  16. Florida: University of Southern Florida, Boca Raton; October 2009
  17. Kentucky: Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green; May 2009
  18. Illinois: Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago; November 2008
  19. Tennessee: University of Memphis, Memphis; February 2007
  20. New Hampshire: Dartmouth College, Hanover; February 2007
  21. Delaware: University of Delaware, Wilmington; October 2006
  22. California: Stanford University, Palo Alto; January 2005
  23. Pennsylvania: Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh; February 2004
  24. New York: University of Rochester, Rochester; January 2004
  25. Louisiana: AMS Joint Mathematical Meetings, New Orleans; January 2004
  26. District of Columbia: George Washington University; November 2003
  27. Indiana: Indiana University, Bloomington; April 2003
  28. Massachusetts: MIT, Cambridge; February 2002
  29. Washington: Microsoft, Redmond; January 2002
  30. Georgia: Georgia Tech, Atlanta; January 2002
  31. New Jersey: IAS, Princeton; October 2001