PHIL 10103 Introduction to Philosophy: Philosophy of Science, Fall 2017
Don Howard
University of Notre Dame


How to Keep a Good Journal

Philosophy Department Guidelines Regarding Plagiarism

First Discussion Paper - Due Monday, September 25

Second Discussion Paper - Due Monday, November 13

Third Discussion Paper - Due Wednesday, December 13

Plato and His Dialogues

Map of Athens in the 5th Century BC

Handout on the Divided Line and the Parable of the Cave

Ptolomeic/Copernican Images and Animations

Another Animation of the Ptolemaic System

Eratosthenes Determination of the Earth's Circumference

Tycho Brahe's Instruments


Socrates' Cell 1

Socrates' Cell 2

Socrates' Cell 3

Socrates' Cell 4

Socrates' Cell 5

Socrates' Cell 6