PHIL 10103 Introduction to Philosophy: Philosophy of Science, Spring 2018
Don Howard
University of Notre Dame


How to Keep a Good Journal

Philosophy Department Guidelines Regarding Plagiarism

First Discussion Paper - Due Monday, February 19

Second Discussion Paper - Due Monday, April 16

Third Discussion Paper - Due Wednesday, May 9

Plato and His Dialogues

Map of Athens in the 5th Century BC

Handout on the Divided Line and the Parable of the Cave

Retrograde Motion of the Planets

Retrograde Motion Only at Opposition

Ptolomeic/Copernican Images and Animations

Another Animation of the Ptolemaic System

Eratosthenes Determination of the Earth's Circumference

Tycho Brahe's Instruments


Socrates' Cell 1

Socrates' Cell 2

Socrates' Cell 3

Socrates' Cell 4

Socrates' Cell 5

Socrates' Cell 6