PHIL/PHYS 30389 Philosophical Issues in Physics
Fall 2017
Don Howard
University of Notre Dame


Class Presentations--Some Guidelines

Miscellaneous Links:

Einstein on the Relationship between Philosophy and Physics

Ptolomeic/Copernican Images and Animations

The Copernican Explanation of Retrograde Motion at Opposition

Don Howard. "Albert Einstein as a Philosopher of Science." Physics Today 58, no 12 (Dec. 2005), 34-40.

A Guide to Raphael's "The School of Athens."

Maxwell's Ether Model (1861)

Young's Study of Diffraction (1803)

Time Dilation and the Twin Paradox

Galileo and the Church Links:

Cardinal Paul Poupard. "Galileo: Report on Papal Commission Findings."

John Paul II. "Lessons of the Galileo Case."

Cavendish Balance and Eötvös Experiement Links:

Nice Illustration of the Cavendish Balance

Good Analysis of the Cavendish Balance

A Bit More Detail on Eötvös

A Recent Experimental Test Proposed by Glashow et al.