Dan Lindley

v. 1.3821a 12/6/13

Comment Decoder
Use this to decode my comments on papers and drafts.

awk = awkward.

? or unc or u/c= unclear; meaning is mysterious or convoluted; ??, ???, ???? = even more unclear

coll or colloq = colloquial.

NSWYI or NSWYM = not saying what you intend/not saying what you mean.

red or redund or rd = redundant.

repet = repetitious

sp = spelling mistake.

r/w = rewrite.

m/w = means what?

trans = transition; as in 'awk trans' from one idea or section to the next.

taut = tautological

v = very

AV = use Active Voice.

pass = passive voice

fex = for example

Swirling arrow = I'm confused

MEGO = My Eyes Glaze Over. Usually means I'm bored, cut to chase, too many irrelevant details... (credit: Jack)

(equals sign with a slash through it) = does not equal

Check mark = good point

Check mark with a plus sign = very good point