Sustainable Wisdom: Integrating Indigenous Knowhow for Global Flourishing

September 11-15, 2016

For videos, go to official website: SUSTAINABLEWISDOMATND.COM

Conference to be held at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana USA

Hosted by the Pokagon Band of the Potawatami

Powerpoints by Conference Speakers in Chronological Order (some are not available)


“History of the Pokagon Band of the Potawatomi” by Dr. John Low


"Pokagon Band Culture" by Marcus Winchester:Pokégnek Bodéwadmik (Pokagon Band of the Potawatomi)


“Preserving Indigenous Ethnohistory and Ecological Knowledge” by Christopher Ball


“Boarding Schools and Education” by Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert


“Mother Earth vs. Mother Lode: Native Environmental Ethos, Sustainability, and Human Survival” by Bruce Johansen


 “Spirit of the Salmon: Indigenous Spirituality and Sustainability in the Columbia Basin” by Andrew H. Fisher


“Modern (Intellectual) Shamans and Wisdom for Sustainability” by Sandra Waddock


“Indigenous Spirituality: A Matter of Significance” by Four Arrows (Wahinkpe Topa), aka Dr. Don Trent Jacobs


“Spiritual Connections, Obligations and Outcomes: The Foundation of Tlingit Existence” by Steve Langdon


“Regenerating the Roots of Indigeneity: Resurgence and Resilience in Troubling Times” Waziyatawin


"The Indigenous Worldview: Original Practices for Becoming and Being Human" by Darcia Narvaez


“‘Woman Is the Mother of All’: Rising from the Earth” By Barbara Mann


“Orality, Literacy, and the Animate Earth” by David Abram


“Guidance from the Trembling Aspen” by White Standing Buffalo


“Nature Sense to Innate Wisdom: Effective Connection Modeling & Regenerating Human Beings” by Jon Young


“Indigenous science” by Greg Cajete


“Magic and the Machine; Reflections on Animism and Technology in an Age of Ecological Wipe-out” by David Abram


"The Fortress, the River and the Garden: New metaphors for knowledge symbiosis” by Robin Wall Kimmerer


“ENOUGHNESS: Indigenous Economics 101” by Rebecca Adamson


‘Aki-gikendamowin (Learning from the Land): Indigenous Art, Ecology, and Aesthetics’ by Dylan Miner


"Ancient Light: Picto-Poems and Ekphrastic Poetry" by Kim Blaeser


Conference program chair: Darcia Narvaez; contact:

ND planning committee:

Darcia Narvaez, Psychology (co-chair of committee)

Chris Cobb, St. Mary's University

Brian Collier, Alliance for Catholic Education (co-chair of committee)

Elaine Debassige-D’amato, Rector of Farley Hall

David Everson, Sociology

Gene Halton, Sociology

Jesse James, Kroc Institute

External planning committee:

David Abram, co-founder of the Alliance for Wild Ethics

Four Arrows, Fielding Institute

Marcus Winchester, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Pokagon Band of the Potawatami