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Sample Podcasts

Academic Minute: Companionship Care (I speak about our research in under 2 minutes)

Creating Sustainable Humans With Conscious Parenting: An Interview (at Kindred Media) (about 45 minutes; transcript there too)

ParentingConnections podcast (under an hour)

Interview by Ricky Varandas THE RIPPLE EFFECT (under an hour)

Interview about caring for boys by Ethan Bearman, KGO810 (10 minutes)

Interview 1 by Primal Happiness (with Lian Brook-Taylor) (less than an hour)

Interview 2 on Primal Happiness (with Lian Brook-Taylor) (less than an hour)

Reclaiming connection on Born Happy Show:

On parenting for The Daily Beat with Joe Virgillito

Doing What Works (about an hour)


Sample Interviews (audio, video) of Darcia Narvaez

Interview by Derrick Jensen on Organic Morality (about an hour)

Primal Parenting (interview on Born To Breastfeed) (less than an hour)

Parenting (interview by Matt Townsend, BYU Radio) (25 minutes)

Neurobiology and the Development of Human Morality: Evolution, Culture and Wisdom (interview by Michael Mendizza for Touch the Future)

How we Lost our Humanity and How we can get it Back (interview by Barry Seidman for EqualTimeForFreeThought) (about 1 hour)

"Our 99%" from War, Peace and Human Nature (interview by Barry Seidman for EqualTimeForFreeThought) (with Douglas Fry and Brian Ferguson) (about 1 hour)

Epigenetics and Parenting (interview by Stefan Molyneux on Freedomainradio) (1 hour)

Interview by Tracy Cassels at Evolutionary Parenting (6 minutes)

Interview by Pinky McKay on parenting(1 hour, audio only)

Raising Compassionate Kids (1 minute)




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